Digital Support

Nordic industrial design

Modernized design and the 4.0 industry standard helps you to handle the challenges from the future.

Auto-maintenance and self-clean pritning engine

The Auto-maintenance function keeps our printer clean automatically, no need to clean it manually.

Deviated detection system

Throught precisely calculcation, we control our printer and engine simultaneously.

Non-contact printing

Tojan 2 is suitable for many medias which thickness is between 10um to 600g.

Software is the soul printer

well-regarded Trojan intelligent system equipped with smart man-machine interaction interface is capable of different kinds of demands.

Cost calculation

Through big data calculation, our Trojan intelligent system makes our customer to analyse thier cost more precisely

Productive digital printer is accessible now

Technical Parameter

Comprehensive Parameter

Optimal width50-250mm

InkCMYK color ink tank,2 liter per unit

Printing alignment tolerance+/-0.0254mm

Operational System

Smart paper replacing system

Paper deviated detection system

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature5°C to 35°C,relative humidity:22-80%(No condensation)

Storage Temperature5°C to 35°C,relative humidity less than 85%,no condensation while 65°C。

Optional accessory

Portable Infrered drying tunnel, Integrated split knife module