TrojanJet P1
Best solution for Personalized packaging printing

「Trojan P1」, Our digital overprinting system
could handle all kinds of packing, direct mails and personalized printing inquiries.

We are available to print on all kind of media
Regardless of shape, size and thickness

「Trojan P1」digital overprinting system
Makes intelligent producing come true to cooperate with Trojan Intelligent Robot

  Highlighted Brand,Changeable Data,Anti-fake Label
「TrojanJet P1」maximizes the value of your product

「Trojan P1」can do high-quality color printing on various media surfaces.
Media: kraft paper, envelope, hand bag, packing box, etc.

[P1 Standard] Maximum size of media

For more details about 「P1 customization」

「P1」uses environmental-friendly large volume ink tanks
CMYK Four colors, 2 liter per unit.
up your mass production